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The Number-Theoretical Spin Chain and the Riemann Zeroes

Andreas Knauf


It is an empirical observation that the Riemann zeta function can be well approximated in its critical strip using the Number-Theoretical Spin Chain. A proof of this would imply the Riemann Hypothesis. Here we relate that question to the one of spectral radii of a family of Markov chains. This in turn leads to the question whether certain graphs are Ramanujan.

The general idea is to explain the pseudorandom features of certain number-theoretical functions by considering them as observables of a spin chain of statistical mechanics. In an Appendix we relate the free energy of that chain to the Lewis Equation of modular theory.

Jun 30, 1997
Jun 30, 1997

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1998 Repository Open Access
Andreas Knauf

The number-theoretical spin chain and the Riemann zeroes

In: Communications in mathematical physics, 196 (1998) 3, pp. 703-731