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WTC expansions and non-integrable equations

Satyanad Kichenassamy


This paper presents a generalization, to non-integrable equations, of the ARS-WTC method for the generation of singular solutions of PDE and ODE. The argument rests on the reduction of the equation to a generalized nonlinear Fuchsian equation, and automatically ensures a representation of singularities by convergent expansions. Practical issues in the reduction process are emphasized. Finally, it is shown that a class of unstable characteristic singularities is related to the degeneration of non-characteristic singularities.

Oct 28, 1997
Oct 28, 1997

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1999 Repository Open Access
Satyanad Kichenassamy

WTC expansions and nonintegrable equations

In: Studies in applied mathematics, 102 (1999) 1, pp. 1-26