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Paradox bending behavior of shearable nonlineary elastic rods

Friedemann Schuricht and Bernhard Werner


In nonlinear elasticity the exact geometry of deformation is combined with general constitutive relations. This allows a very sophisticated interaction of deformations in different material directions. Idealizing certain properties of the body we use the Cosserat theory for planar deformations of nonlinearly elastic rods to demonstrate some paradox bending effect caused by a nontrivial interaction of extension, flexure, and shear. The analytical results are visualized by numerical examples.

Mar 21, 1997
Mar 21, 1997

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1998 Repository Open Access
Friedemann Schuricht and Bernhard Werner

Paradoxical bending behavior of shearable nonlinearly elastic rods

In: Journal of elasticity, 56 (1998) 1, pp. 27-48