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Dynamical correlations in a half-filled Landau level

Sergio Conti and Tapash Chakraborty


We formulate a self-consistent field theory for the Chern-Simons fermions to study the dynamical response function of the quantum Hall system at $\nu = \frac{1}{2}$ .
Our scheme includes the effect of correlations beyond the random-phase ap- proximation (RPA) employed to this date for this system. The resulting zero-frequency density response function vanishes as the square of the wave vector in the long-wavelength limit. The longitudinal conductivity calculated in this scheme shows linear dependence on the wave vector, like the experimentals results and the RPA, but the absolute values are higher than the experimental results.


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1999 Repository Open Access
Sergio Conti and Tapash Chakraborty

Dynamical correlations in a half-filled Landau level

In: Physical review / B, 59 (1999) 4, pp. 2867-2870