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Electromagnetic resolution of curvature and gravitational instantons

Naresh K. Dadhich, Kishore Marathe and Giuseppe Marrucci


We study the electromagnetic resolution of the Riemann curvatureon a space-time manifold M with metric g into its electric and magnetic parts relative to a unit timelike vector with respect to g. There exists a duality transformation between the active and passive electric parts which leaves invariant a subclass of field equations which correspond to the generalized gravitational instanton equations. We also discuss various geometric formulations of the equations of gravitational instantons and their generalization which includes as a special case the classical vacuum Einstein equations. Some special solutions and their physical significance are also considered.

04.20-, 02.40-

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1999 Repository Open Access
Naresh K. Dadhich, Kishore B. Marathe and Giuseppe Martucci

Electromagnetic resolution of curvature and gravitational instantons

In: Il nuovo cimento della Società Italiana di Fisica / B, 114 (1999) 7, pp. 793-806