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Hidden symmetries of supersymmetric p-form gauge theories

Friedemann Brandt


Field theories with p-form gauge potentials can possess "hidden" symmetries leaving the field strengths invariant on-shell without being gauge symmetries on-shell. The relevance of such symmetries to supersymmetric models is discussed. They provide central charges of supersymmetry algebras, play a particular role in duality relations, and lead to peculiar interactions. A multiplet of N=2 supersymmetry in four dimensions with two hidden central charges is presented.

Sep 20, 2000
Sep 20, 2000
11.30.Pb, 11.30.-j, 11.15.-q
p-form gauge fields, supersymmetry, conservation laws, central charges, duality

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2000 Repository Open Access
Friedemann Brandt

Hidden symmetries of supersymmetric p-form gauge theories

In: Physics Letters / B, 494 (2000) 3-4, pp. 325-331