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Spectral properties and synchronization in coupled map lattices

Jürgen Jost and Maliackal Poulo Joy


Spectral properties of Coupled Map Lattices are described. Conditions for the stability of spatially homogeneous chaotic solutions are derived using linear stability analysis. Global stability analysis results are also presented. The analytical results are supplemented with numerical examples. The quadratic map is used for the site dynamics with different coupling schemes such as global coupling, nearest neighbour coupling, intermediate range coupling, random coupling, small world coupling and scale free coupling.

05.45.Ra, 05.45.Xt, 89.75.Hc

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2002 Repository Open Access
Jürgen Jost and Maliackal Poulo Joy

Spectral properties and synchronization in coupled map lattices

In: Physical review / E, 65 (2002) 1, pt. 2, p. 016201