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On selected individual-based approaches to the dynamics in multicellular systems

Dirk Drasdo


In recent years a number of different individual-based models for the spatio-temporal dynamics in multicellular organisms or parts of them have been established. Individual based models (here: individuum = cell) become necessary if
(i) one is interested in understanding the organization principles in tissues down to length scales of the order of a cell diameter in order to link the microscopic dynamics with a collective phenomenon,
(ii) the phenomenon under study includes variations of material or kinetic properties on length scales of the order of the cell diameter.
In this article we give a brief overview over a number of individual-based model approaches.

MSC Codes:
82C22, 82C80, 92C05, 68Q80
87.18.-h, 87.68.+z
individual-based models, multicellular systems

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2003 Repository Open Access
Dirk Drasdo

On selected individual-based approaches to the dynamics in multicellular systems

In: Polymer and cell dynamics / Wolfgang Alt (ed.)
Basel : Birkhäuser, 2003. - pp. 169-204