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On the biparametric quantum deformation of $GL(2) \otimes GL(1)$

Deepak Parashar


We study the biparametric quantum deformation of $GL(2) \otimes GL(1)$ and exhibit its cross-product structure. We derive explicitly the associated dual algebra, i.e., the quantised universal enveloping algebra employing the R-matrix procedure. This facilitates construction of a bicovariant differential calculus which is also shown to have a cross-product structure. Finally, a Jordanian analogue of the deformation is presented as a cross-product algebra.

Jan 2, 2002
Jan 2, 2002

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2001 Repository Open Access
Deepak Parashar

On the biparametric quantum deformation of GL(2) x GL(1)

In: Journal of mathematical physics, 42 (2001) 2, pp. 5431-5443