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An Analytical Framework For Modeling Evoked and Event-Related Potentials

Axel Hutt


The presented work introduces shortly a novel segmentation method and a modeling approach for multivariate quasi-stationary data. The combination of both parts allows the extraction of low-dimensional models from multivariate data. The segmentation method is applied both to event-related potentials and fields and early auditory evoked potentials. Additionally, the early auditory wave $Pa$ is modeled by a two-dimensional dynamical system. The segmentation method detects ERP- and ERF-components and early auditory waves objectively, which illustrates the independence of the segmentation method from the number of segments. Additionally, we find a common topology of wave $Pa$, which indicates a common underlying attractor in the brain

02.50.Sk, 95.10.Fh, 06.30.-k
signal segmentation, multivariate modeling, brain signals

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2004 Repository Open Access
Axel Hutt

An analytical framework for modeling evoked and event-related potentials

In: International journal of bifurcation and chaos in applied sciences and engineering, 14 (2004) 2, pp. 653-666