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Duality symmetry of the $p$-form effective action and super trace of the twisted de Rham complex

Peter B. Gilkey, Klaus Kirsten, Dmitri Vassilevich and Andrei Zelnikov


We consider quantum $p$-form fields interacting with a background dilaton. We calculate the variation with respect to the dilaton of a difference of the effective actions in the models related by a duality transformation. We show that this variation is defined essentially by the supertrace of the twisted de Rham complex. The supertrace is then evaluated on a manifold of an arbitrary dimension, with or without boundary.

Sep 16, 2002
Sep 16, 2002
02.40.-k, 04.62.+v, 11.15.-q
dualities, dilaton, heat trace asymptotics

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2003 Repository Open Access
Peter B. Gilkey, Klaus Kirsten, Dmitri V. Vassilevich and A. Zelnikov

Duality symmetry of the p-form effective action and supertrace of the twisted de Rham complex

In: Nuclear physics / B, 648 (2003) 3, pp. 542-556