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Non-existence of a dilaton gravity action for the exact string black hole

Daniel Grumiller and Dmitri Vassilevich


We prove that no local diffeomorphism invariant two-dimensional theory of the metric and the dilaton without higher derivatives can describe the exact string black hole solution found a decade ago by Dijkgraaf, Verlinde and Verlinde. One of the key points in this proof is the concept of dilaton-shift invariance. We present and solve (classically) all dilaton-shift invariant theories of two-dimensional dilaton gravity. Two such models, resembling the exact string black hole and generalizing the CGHS model, are discussed explicitly.

04.60.-m, 11.25.-w, 04.70.-s
dilaton gravity, strings, black holes

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2002 Repository Open Access
Dmitri V. Vassilevich and Daniel Grumiller

Non-existence of a dilaton gravity action for the exact string black hole

In: Journal of high energy physics, 2002 (2002) 11, p. 018