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Quantization of a Moduli Space of Parabolic Higgs Bundles

Indranil Biswas and Avijit Mukherjee


Let ${\mathcal M}^s_H$ be a moduli space of stable parabolic Higgs bundles of rank two over a Riemann surface $X$. It is a smooth variety over $\mathbb C$ equipped with a holomorphic symplectic form. Fix a projective structure $\mathcal P$ on $X$. Using $\mathcal P$, we construct a quantization of a certain Zariski open dense subset of the symplectic variety ${\mathcal M}^s_H$.

Feb 20, 2003
Feb 20, 2003
MSC Codes:
14H60, 14C05
higgs bundles, moduli spaces, quantization

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2004 Repository Open Access
Indranil Biswas and Avijit Mukherjee

Quantization of a moduli space of parabolic Higgs bundles

In: International journal of mathematics, 15 (2004) 9, pp. 907-917