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Boundary vortices for thin ferromagnetic films

Roger Moser


We consider a simplified version of the micromagnetic energy for ferromagnetic samples in the shape of thin films. We study (a) stationary, stable critical points, and (b) solutions of the corresponding Landau-Lifshitz equation under a stability condition. We determine the asymptotic behaviour of solutions of these variational problems in the thin film limit. A characteristic property of the limit is the development of Ginzburg-Landau-type vortices at the boundary.

Mar 19, 2003
Mar 19, 2003
MSC Codes:
35J60, 35Q60, 58E20
ginzburg-landau vortices, thin films, ferromagnetism

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2004 Repository Open Access
Roger Moser

Boundary vortices for thin ferromagnetic films

In: Archive for rational mechanics and analysis, 174 (2004) 2, pp. 267-300