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From 1970 until present: the Keller-Segel model in chemotaxis and its consequences

Dirk Horstmann


This article summarites various aspects and results for some general formulations of the classical chemotaxis models also known as Keller-Segel models. It is intended as a survey of results for the most common formulation of this classical model for positive chemotactical movement and offers possible generalizations of these results to more universal models. Furthermore it collects open questions and outlines mathematical progress in the study of the Keller-Segel model since the first presentation of the equations in 1970.

MSC Codes:
35B30, 35J20, 35J65, 35K50, 35K50, 92C17
chemotaxis equations, steady state analysis, global existence, global existence, global existence, self-similar solutions, traveling waves

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2003 Repository Open Access
Dirk Horstmann

From 1970 until present : the Keller-Segel model in chemotaxis and its consequences I.

In: Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung, 105 (2003) 3, pp. 103-165