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Wedge disclination in the field theory of elastoplasticity

Markus Lazar


In this paper we study the wedge disclination within the elastoplastic defect theory. Using the stress function method we found exact analytical solutions for all characteristic fields of a straight wedge disclination in a cylinder. The elastic stress, elastic strain, elastic bend-twist, displacement and rotation have no singularities at the disclination line. We found a modified stress function for the wedge disclination.

Mar 25, 2003
Mar 25, 2003
61.72.Lk, 62.20.-x, 81.40.Jj
disclinations, dislocations, theory of defects

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2003 Repository Open Access
Markus Lazar

Wedge disclination in the field theory of elastoplasticity

In: Physics Letters / A, 311 (2003) 4/5, pp. 416-425