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Dislocations in the Field Theory of Elastoplasticity

Markus Lazar


By means of linear theory of elastoplasticity, solutions are given for screw and edge dislocations situated in an isotropic solid. The force stresses, strain fields, displacements, distortions, dislocation densities and moment stresses are determined. The force stresses, strain fields, displacements and distortions are devoid of singularities predicted by the classical elasticity. Using the so-called stress function method we found modified stress functions of screw and edge dislocations.

Apr 16, 2003
Apr 16, 2003
dislocations, elastoplasticity, moment stress

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2003 Repository Open Access
Markus Lazar

Dislocations in the field theory of elastoplasticity

In: Computational materials science, 28 (2003) 3/4, pp. 419-428