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MiS Preprint

Geometric inequalities on locally conformally flat manifolds

Pengfei Guan and Guofang Wang


Through the study of some elliptic and parabolic fully nonlinear PDEs, we establish conformal versions of the quermassintegral inequality, the Sobolev inequality and the Moser-Trudinger inequality for the geometric quantities associated to the Schouten tensor on locally conformally flat manifolds.

MSC Codes:
53C21, 35J60, 58E11
sobolev inequality, quermassintegral inequality, moser-trudinger inequality, schouten tensor, fully nonlinear equation, conformal geometry

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2004 Repository Open Access
Pengfei Guan and Guofang Wang

Geometric inequalities on locally conformally flat manifolds

In: Duke mathematical journal, 124 (2004) 1, pp. 177-212