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Application of The Method of Moving Planes to Conformally Invariant Equations

Pengfei Guan, Chang-Shou Lin and Guofang Wang


In this paper, we apply the method of moving planes to a class of fully nonlinear conformal equations on locally conformally flat manifolds. The Harnack inequality, global estimates and hence existence are obtained for solutions. As an application, we obtain a sphere theorem.

MSC Codes:
53C21, 35J60, 58E11
moving plane method, harnack inequality, fully nonlinear equation, locally conformally flat, sphere theorem

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2004 Repository Open Access
Pengfei Guan, Chang-Shou Lin and Guofang Wang

Application of the method of moving planes to conformally invariant equations

In: Mathematische Zeitschrift, 247 (2004) 1, pp. 1-19