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Regularity properties of isometric immersions

Stefan Müller and Mohammed Reza Pakzad


We show that an isometric immersion $y$ from a two-dimensional domain $S$ with $C^{1, \alpha}$ boundary to $\mathbb{R}^3$ which belongs to the critical Sobolev space $W^{2,2}$ is $C^1$ up to the boundary. More generally $C^1$ regularity up to the boundary holds for all scalar functions $V \in W^{2,2}(S)$ which satisfy $\det \nabla^2 V = 0$. If $S$ has only Lipschitz boundary we show such $V$ can be approximated in $W^{2,2}$ by functions $V_k \in W^{1, \infty} \cap W^{2,2}$ with $\det \nabla^2 V_k = 0$.

Jan 28, 2004
Jan 28, 2004
MSC Codes:
53C42, 35B65, 74K20, 53A05
isometric immersion, regularity, rigidity, plates

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2005 Repository Open Access
Stefan Müller and Mohammad Reza Pakzad

Regularity properties of isometric immersions

In: Mathematische Zeitschrift, 251 (2005) 2, pp. 313-331