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Efficient Inversion of the Galerkin Matrix of General Second Order Elliptic Operators with Non-Smooth Coefficients

Mario Bebendorf


This article deals with the efficient (approximate) inversion of finite element stiffness matrices of general second order elliptic operators with $L^\infty$-coefficients. It will be shown that the inverse stiffness matrix can be approximated by hierarchical matrices ($\mathcal{H}$-matrices). Furthermore, numerical results will demonstrate that it is possible to compute an approximate inverse with almost linear complexity.

Feb 26, 2004
Feb 26, 2004
MSC Codes:
35C20, 65F05, 65F50

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2005 Repository Open Access
Mario Bebendorf

Efficient inversion of the Galerkin matrix of general second-order elliptic operators with nonsmooth coefficients

In: Mathematics of computation, 74 (2005) 251, pp. 1179-1199