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Lower semi-continuity and existence of minimizers in incremental finite-strain elastoplasticity

Alexander Mielke and Stefan Müller


We study incremental problems in geometrically nonlinear elastoplasticity. Using the multiplicative decomposition $D\varphi= F_{el} F_{pl}$ we consider general energy functionals of the form \[ \mathcal{I}(\varphi,F_{pl})= \int_\Omega U(x,D\varphi \;\! F_{pl}^{-1}, F_{pl},\mathcal{G}(F_{pl})) d x -\langle \ell,\varphi\rangle, \] which occur as the sum of the stored energy and the dissipation in one time step. Here $\mathcal{G}(F_{pl})$ is the dislocation tensor which takes the form $\frac1{\det F_{pl}}curl_3(F_{pl})\,F_{pl}^T$ in dimension $d=3$.

Imposing the usual constraint $\det F_{pl} \equiv 1$ and suitable growth and polyconvexity conditions on $U$ we show that the minimum of $\mathcal{I}$ is attained in the natural Sobolev spaces. Moreover, we are able to treat multiple time steps by controlling the stored and dissipated energies. We also address the relation of the incremental problem to the time-continuous energetic formulation of elastoplasticity.

Feb 9, 2005
Feb 9, 2005
MSC Codes:
74C15, 74B20
elastoplasticity, finite strain, existence

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2006 Repository Open Access
Alexander Mielke and Stefan Müller

Lower semicontinuity and existence of minimizers in incremental finite-strain elastoplasticity

In: Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, 86 (2006) 3, pp. 233-250