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Multi-scale analysis of magnetization dynamics driven by external fields

Mihai Dimian, Isaak Mayergoyz, Giorgio Bertotti and Claudio Serpico


The multi-scale approach to the magnetization dynamics driven by external magnetic fields is presented. In this approach, the Landau-Lifshitz equations are represented in a new equivalent form, where the magnetic free energy is used as one of the states variables. This new form clearly separates fast and slow dynamics and, consequently, it can be used for the development of perturbation and multiple scale techniques. Several applications of this approach to the precessional magnetization switching are discussed.

landau lifshitz equation, multi-scale analysis, precessional switching

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2006 Repository Open Access
Mihai Dimian, Isaak D. Mayergoyz, Giogio Bertotti and C. Serpico

Multiscale analysis of magnetization dynamics driven by external fields

In: Journal of applied physics, 99 (2006), 08G104