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A Weighted $L^2$-Estimate of the Witten Spinor in Asymptotically Schwarzschild Manifolds

Felix Finster and Margarita Kraus


We derive a weighted $L2$-estimate of the Witten spinor in a complete Rie­mannian spin manifold $(M^n, g)$ of non-negative scalar curvature which is asymptotically Schwarz­schild. The interior geometry of $M$ enters this estimate only via the lowest eigenvalue of the square of the Dirac operator on a conformal compactification of $M$.


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2007 Repository Open Access
Felix Finster and Margarita Kraus

A weighted \({L^2}\)-estimate of the Witten spinor in asymptotically Schwarzschild manifolds

In: Canadian journal of mathematics, 59 (2007) 5, pp. 943-965