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MiS Preprint

Some piece-wise smooth Lagrangian fibrations

Ricardo Castaño-Bernard and Diego Matessi


Motivated by the work of M. Gross on topological Mirror Symmetry, we describe some piece-wise smooth local Lagrangian models of singular torus fibrations. In order to understand them better, we also develop some tools which generalize the notion of action-angle coordinates of smooth fibrations.

MSC Codes:
14J32, 53D12, 53D20
lagrangian fibration, mirror symmetry, affine structures, action-angle coordinates, symplectic reduction

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2005 Repository Open Access
Ricardo Castano-Bernard and Diego Matessi

Some piece-wise smooth Lagrangian fibrations

In: Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico, 63 (2005) 3, pp. 223-253