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Differentiable $L^p$-functional calculus for certain sums of non-commuting operators

Michael Gnewuch


We consider a special class of sums of non-commuting positive operators on $L^2$-spaces and derive a formula for their holomorphic semigroups. The formula enables us to give sufficient conditions for these operators to admit differentiable $L^p$-functional calculus for $1\leq p \leq \infty$. Our results are in particular applicable to certain sub-Laplacians, Schrödinger operators and sums of even powers of vector fields on solvable Lie groups with exponential volume growth.

Sep 6, 2005
Sep 6, 2005
MSC Codes:
47A60, 47B25, 22E25, 22E30
spectral multiplier, functional calculus, solvable lie groups

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2006 Repository Open Access
Michael Gnewuch

Differentiable Lp-functional calculus for certain sums of non-commuting operators

In: Colloquium mathematicum, 105 (2006) 1, pp. 105-125