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Lectures on statistical physics

Felix Berezin and Dimitry A. Leites


This edited transcript of the 1966-67 lecture course on (equilibrium) statistical physics by Felix Berezin, the discovrer of supersymmetry as science, is a nice complement to a recent book by R. Minlos on the same topic: the books practically do not intersect. The reader is also advised to skim through the book by V. Sergeev "The thermodinamic approach to market" (MPI MiS preprint 76/2006).

The book is very user-friendly, it contains several still open questions and extensive bibliography.

Dec 28, 2006
Dec 28, 2006
MSC Codes:
82-01, 82B05, 60K35
statistical physics

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2006 Repository Open Access
F. A. Berezin and D. A. Leites

Lectures on statistical physics