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Stability of Calderón inverse Conductivity Problem in the plane

Tomeu Barceló, Daniel Faraco and Alberto Ruiz


It is proved that, in two dimensions, Calderón inverse conductivity problem is stable when the conductivities are Hölder continuous with any exponent α > 0. The approach is based on reducing the conductivity equation to a complex Beltrami equation as in Astala-Päivärinta proof of the uniqueness in Calderón problem for Lconductivities.

MSC Codes:
35J30, 35J15
inverse problems, stability, conductivity

Related publications

2007 Repository Open Access
Tomeu Barceló, Daniel Faraco and Alberto Ruiz

Stability of Calderón inverse conductivity problem in the plane

In: Journal de mathématiques pures et appliquées, 88 (2007) 6, pp. 522-556