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Support sets of distributions with given interaction structure

Thomas Kahle and Nihat Ay


We study closures of hierarchical models which are exponential families associated with hypergraphs by decomposing the corresponding interaction spaces in a natural and transparent way. Here, we apply general results on closures of exponential families.

Sep 5, 2006
Sep 5, 2006
closure of exponential family, hierarchical model, interaction order, graphical model, support sets

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2006 Repository Open Access
Thomas Kahle and Nihat Ay

Support sets of distributions with given interaction structure

In: 7th Workshop on Uncertainty Processing : WUPES'06 ; Mikulov, Czech Republik ; 16-20th September 2006
Praha : Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republik / Institute of Information Theory and Automation, 2006. - pp. 52-61