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The regularisation of the $N$-well problem by finite elements and by singular perturbation are scaling equivalent

Andrew Lorent


Let $K:=SO\left(2\right)A_1\cup SO\left(2\right)A_2\dots SO\left(2\right)A_{N}$ where $A_1,A_2,\dots A_{N}$ are matrices of non-zero determinant. We establish a sharp relation between the following two minimisation problems.

Firstly the $N$-well problem with surface energy. Let $p\in\left[1,2\right]$. Let $$ I^p_{\epsilon}\left(u\right)=\int_{\Omega} d^p\left(Du\left(z\right),K\right)+\epsilon \left|D^2 u\left(z\right)\right|^2 dL^2 z $$ and let $A_F$ denote the subspace of functions in $W^{2,2}\left(\Omega\right)$ that satisfy the affine boundary condition $Du=F$ on $\partial \Omega$ (in the sense of trace), where $F\not\in K$. We consider the scaling (with respect to $\epsilon$) of $$ m^p_{\epsilon}:=\inf_{u\in A_F} I^p_{\epsilon}\left(u\right). $$ Secondly the finite element approximation to the $N$-well problem without surface energy.

We will show there exists a space of functions $\mathcal{D}_F^{h}$ where each function $v\in \mathcal{D}_F^{h}$ is piecewise affine on a regular (non-degenerate) $h$-triangulation and satisfies the affine boundary condition $v=l_F$ on $\partial \Omega$ (where $l_F$ is affine with $Dl_F=F$) such that for $$ \alpha_p\left(h\right):=\inf_{v\in \mathcal{D}_F^{h}} \int_{\Omega}d^p\left(Dv\left(z\right),K\right) dL^2 z $$ there exists positive constants $\mathcal{C}_1<1<\mathcal{C}_2$ (depending on $A_1,\dots A_{N}$, $\varsigma$, $p$) for which the following holds true $$ \mathcal{C}_1\alpha_p\left(\sqrt{\epsilon}\right)\leq m^p_{\epsilon}\leq \mathcal{C}_2\alpha_p\left(\sqrt{\epsilon}\right)\;\;\;\;\;\text{for}\text{all}\;\epsilon>0. $$

May 3, 2007
May 3, 2007
MSC Codes:
74N, 15

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2008 Repository Open Access
Andrew Lorent

The regularisation of the N-well problem by finite elements and by singular perturbation are scaling equivalent in two dimensions

In: ESAIM / Mathematical modelling and numerical analysis, 15 (2008) 2, pp. 322-366