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Manifolds admitting stable forms

Hông Vân Lê, Martin Panak and Jiri Vanzura


In this note we give a direct method to classify all stable forms on $R^n$ as well as to determine their automorphism groups. We show that in dimension 6,7,8 stable forms coincide with non-degnerate forms. We present necessary conditions and sufficient conditions for a manifold to admit a stable form. We also discuss rich properties of the geometry of such manifolds.

Jun 28, 2007
Jun 28, 2007
MSC Codes:
stable forms, automorphism groups

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2008 Repository Open Access
Hông Vân Lê, Martin Panak and Jiri Vanzura

Manifolds admitting stable forms

In: Commentationes mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae, 49 (2008) 1, pp. 101-117