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Witten's Volume Formula, Cohomological Pairings of Moduli Space of Flat Connections and Applications of Multiple Zeta Functions

Partha Guha


We use Witten's volume formula to calculate the cohomological pairings of the moduli space of at SU(3) connections. The cohomological pairings of moduli space of at SU(2) connections is known from the work of Thaddeus-Witten-Donaldson, but for higher holonomy groups these pairings are largely unknown. We make some progress on these problems, and show that the pairings can be expressed in terms of multiple zeta functions.

MSC Codes:
58G26, 14D20, 32G13, 58D27, 81T13
vector bundle, flat connection, Verlinde formula, cohomological pairing, multiple zeta function

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2009 Repository Open Access
Partha Guha

Witten's volume formula, cohomological pairings of moduli spaces of flat connections and applications of multiple zeta functions

In: Quantum field theory : competitive models / Bertfried Fauser... (eds.)
Basel [u.a.] : Birkhäuser, 2009. - pp. 95-116