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Strict convexity of the free energy for non-convex gradient models at moderate $\beta$

Codina Cotar, Jean-Dominique Deuschel and Stefan Müller


We consider a gradient interface model on the lattice with interaction potential which is a non-convex perturbation of a convex potential. We show using a one-step multiple scale analysis the strict convexity of the surface tension at high temperature. This is an extension of Funaki and Spohn's result [10], where the strict convexity of potential was crucial in their proof.

MSC Codes:
60K35, 82B24, 35J15
effective non-convex gradient interface models, surface tension, strict convexity, Helffer-Sjöstrand representation

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2009 Journal Open Access
Codina Cotar, Jean-Dominique Deuschel and Stefan Müller

Strict convexity of the free energy for a class of non-convex gradient models

In: Communications in mathematical physics, 286 (2009) 1, pp. 359-376