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Hierarchical Models, Marginal Polytopes, and Linear Codes

Thomas Kahle, Walter Wenzel and Nihat Ay


In this paper, we explore a connection between binary hierarchical models, their marginal polytopes and codeword polytopes, the convex hulls of linear codes. The class of linear codes that are realizable by hierarchical models is determined. We classify all full dimensional polytopes with the property that their vertices form a linear code and give an algorithm that determines them.

Apr 1, 2008
Apr 1, 2008
MSC Codes:
52B11, 94B05, 60C05
0/1 polytopes, linear codes, hierarchical models, exponential families

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2009 Journal Open Access
Thomas Kahle, Walter Wenzel and Nihat Ay

Hierarchical models, marginal polytopes, and linear codes

In: Kybernetika, 45 (2009) 2, pp. 189-207