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MiS Preprint

Quantization for a nonlinear Dirac equation

Miaomiao Zhu


We study solutions of certain nonlinear Dirac-type equations on Riemann spin surfaces. We first improve an energy identity theorem for a sequence of such solutions with uniformly bounded energy in the case of a fixed domain. Then, we prove the corresponding energy identity in the case that the equations have constant coefficients and the domains possibly degenerate to a spin surface with only Neveu-Schwarz type nodes.

MSC Codes:
58J05, 53C27
Dirac equation, energy identity, Neveu-Schwarz

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2016 Repository Open Access
Miaomiao Zhu

Quantization for a nonlinear Dirac equation

In: Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 144 (2016) 10, pp. 4533-4544