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Clustered chimera states in delay-coupled oscillator systems

Gautam C. Sethia, Abhijit Sen and Fatihcan M. Atay


We investigate chimera states in a ring of identical phase oscillators coupled in a time-delayed and spatially non-local fashion. We find novel clustered chimera states that have spatially distributed phase coherence separated by incoherence with adjacent coherent regions in anti-phase. The existence of such time-delay induced phase clustering is further supported through solutions of a generalized functional self-consistency equation of the mean field. Our results highlight an additional mechanism for cluster formation that may find wider practical applications.

05.45.Xt, 89.75.Kd
pattern formation, synchronization, time delay

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2008 Repository Open Access
Fatihcan M. Atay, Gautam C. Sethia and Abhijit Sen

Clustered chimera states in delay coupled oscillator systems

In: Physical review letters, 100 (2008) 14, p. 144102