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Quasiconvex relaxation of multidimensional control problems with integrands $f(t,\xi,v)$

Marcus Wagner


We prove a general relaxation theorem for multidimensional control problems of Dieudonné-Rashevsky type with nonconvex integrands $f(t, \xi, v)$ in presence of a convex control restriction. The relaxed problem, wherein the integrand $f$ has been replaced by its lower semicontinuous quasiconvex envelope with respect to the gradient variable, possesses the same finite minimal value as the original problem, and admits a global minimizer. As an application, we provide existence theorems for the image registration problem with convex and polyconvex regularization terms.

MSC Codes:
26B05, 26B25, 49J20, 49J45, 68U10
Quasiconvex functions with infinite values, lower semicontinuous quasiconvex envelope, multidimensional control problem, relaxation, existence of global minimizers, image registration, polyconvex regularization

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2011 Repository Open Access
Marcus Wagner

Quasiconvex relaxation of multidimensional control problems with integrands f(t, e, v)

In: Control, optimisation and calculus of variations (ESAIM-COCV), 17 (2011) 1, pp. 190-221