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A Note on Non-Simultaneous Blow-up for a Drift-Diffusion Model

Elio Eduardo Espejo, Angela Stevens and Juan J.L. Velazquez


In this paper we consider a drift-diffusion model of parabolic-elliptic type, with three coupled equations. We prove that there exist parameter regimes for which non-simultaneous blow-up of solutions happens. This is in contrast to a two-chemotactic species model, coupled to an elliptic equation for an attractive chemical produced by the two species, where blow-up of one species implies blow-up of the other one at the same time. Also, we show that the range of parameters of the drift-diffusion model in this paper, for which blow-up happens, is larger than suggested by previous results in the literature.

Feb 18, 2009
Feb 24, 2009

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2010 Repository Open Access
Elio Eduardo Espejo Arenas, Angela Stevens and Juan J. L. Velázquez

A note on non-simultaneous blow-up for a drift-diffusion model

In: Differential and integral equations, 23 (2010) 5/6, pp. 451-462