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Optimal Securitization of Credit Portfolios via Impulse Control

Rüdiger Frey and Roland C. Seydel


We study the optimal loan securitization policy of a commercial bank which is mainly engaged in lending activities. For this we propose a stylized dynamic model which contains the main features affecting the securitization decision. In line with reality we assume that there are non-negligible fixed and variable transaction costs associated with each securitization. The fixed transaction costs lead to a formulation of the optimization problem in an impulse control framework. We prove viscosity solution existence and uniqueness for the quasi-variational inequality associated with this impulse control problem. Iterated optimal stopping is used to find a numerical solution of this PDE, and numerical examples are discussed.

Sep 7, 2009
Sep 11, 2009
MSC Codes:
35B37, 49L25, 49N25, 91B28, 91B70, 93E20
Securitization, credit portfolios, impulse control, Markov-switching economy, combined stochastic control, viscosity solutions, quasi-variational inequalities, iterated optimal stopping

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2010 Repository Open Access
Rüdiger Frey and Roland C. Seydel

Optimal securitization of credit portfolios via impulse control

In: Mathematics and financial economics, 4 (2010) 1, pp. 1-28