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STDP-driven networks and the C. elegans neuronal network

Quansheng Ren, Kiran M. Kolwankar, Areejit Samal and Jürgen Jost


We study the dynamics of the structure of a formal neural network wherein the strengths of the synapses are governed by spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP). For properly chosen input signals, there exists a steady state with a residual network. We compare the motif profile of such a network with that of a real neural network of \emph{C. elegans} and identify robust qualitative similarities. In particular, our extensive numerical simulations show that this STDP-driven resulting network is robust under variations of the model parameters.

spike timing dependent plasticity, C. elegans neuronal network, motif analysis

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2010 Repository Open Access
Quansheng Ren, Kiran Murlidhar Kolwankar, Areejit Samal and Jürgen Jost

STDP-driven networks and the C. elegans neuronal network

In: Physica / A, 389 (2010) 18, pp. 3900-3914