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Concurrence, Tangle and Fully Entangled Fraction of Quantum Entanglement

Ming Li, Shao-Ming Fei and Xianqing Li-Jost


We show that although we can not distill a singlet from many pairs of bound entangled states, the concurrence and tangle of two entangled quantum states are always strictly larger than that of one, even both entangled quantum states are bound entangled. We present a relation between the concurrence and the fidelity of optimal teleportation. We also give new upper and lower bounds for concurrence and tangle.

Concurrence, entanglement, Teleportation

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2010 Repository Open Access
Ming Li, Shao-Ming Fei and Xianqing Li-Jost

Concurrence, tangle and fully entangled fraction

In: Chinese physics / B, 19 (2010) 9, p. 090315