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MiS Preprint

Relations Between Graphs

Yangjing Long, Ling Yang, Peter F. Stadler and Jürgen Jost


Given two graphs G=(V_G,E_G) and H=(V_H,E_H), we ask under which conditions there is a relation that generates the edges of H given the structure of G. This construction generalizes full homomorphisms of graphs and naturally leads to generalized notions of retractions, cores, and co-cores of graphs.

MSC Codes:
05, C99
generalized graph homomorphism, R-core, R-retraction, binary relation

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2013 Journal Open Access
Jan Hubicka, Jürgen Jost, Yangjing Long, Peter F. Stadler and Ling Yang

Relations between graphs

In: Ars mathematica contemporanea, 6 (2013) 2, pp. 323-350