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The convex support of the $k$-star model

Johannes Rauh


This paper describes the polytope $\mathbf{P}_{k;N}$ of $i$-star counts, for all $i\le k$, for graphs on $N$ vertices. The vertices correspond to graphs that are regular or as regular as possible. For even $N$ the polytope is a cyclic polytope, and for odd $N$ the polytope is well-approximated by a cyclic polytope. As $N$ goes to infinity, $\mathbf{P}_{k;N}$ approaches the convex hull of the moment curve. The affine symmetry group of $\mathbf{P}_{k;N}$ contains just a single non-trivial element, which corresponds to forming the complement of a graph.

The results generalize to the polytope $\mathbf{P}_{I;N}$ of $i$-star counts, for $i$ in some set $I$ of non-consecutive integers. In this case, $\mathbf{P}_{I;N}$ can still be approximated by a cyclic polytope, but it is usually not a cyclic polytope itself.

Sep 11, 2012
Sep 12, 2012
MSC Codes:
52B11, 05C80, 05C35, 05C07
polytope, $k$-star model, exponential random graph model, vertex degrees, convex support

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Johannes Rauh

The convex support of the k-star model