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Attractions and Repulsions of Parallel Plates Partially Immersed in a Liquid Bath: III

Rajat Bhatnagar and Robert Finn


We continue earlier studies on the indicated configuration, improving previous estimates, providing explicit expressions for the relevant forces and a formal algorithmic procedure for their calculation, and sharpening and extending the predictions for qualitative distinctions among varying types of behavior that can occur. We include graphical representations for some of the more significant relations, as an aid to interpretation and for eventual design of experiments to test the physical relevance of the new material.

MSC Codes:
76B45, 53A10
68.03.-g, 68.05.-n, 68.08.-p
capillarity, surface tension, floating objects, mean curvature

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2013 Journal Open Access
Rajat Bhatnagar and Robert Finn

Attractions and repulsions of parallel plates partially immersed in a liquid bath : III

In: Boundary value problems, 2013 (2013) 12, p. 277