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The scaling and mass expansion

Michael Dütsch


The scaling and mass expansion (shortly 'sm-expansion') is a new axiom for causal perturbation theory, which is a stronger version of a frequently used renormalization condition in terms of Steinmann's scaling degree.

If one quantizes the underlying free theory by using a Hadamard function (which is smooth in $m\geq 0$), one can reduce renormalization of a massive model to the extension of a minimal set of mass-independent, almost homogeneously scaling distributions by a Taylor expansion in the mass $m$. The sm-expansion is a generalization of this Taylor expansion, which yields this crucial simplification of the renormalization of massive models also for the case that one quantizes with the Wightman two-point function, which contains a $\log(-(m^2(x^2-ix^0 0))$-term.

We construct the general solution of the new system of axioms (i.e. the usual axioms of causal perturbation theory completed by the sm-expansion), and illustrate the method for a divergent diagram which contains a divergent subdiagram.

Jan 14, 2014
Jan 14, 2014
Perturbative quantum field theory, Causal perturbation theory

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2015 Repository Open Access
Michael Dütsch

The scaling and mass expansion

In: Annales Henri Poincaré, 16 (2015) 1, pp. 163-188