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Transition between planar and wrinkled regions in uniaxially stretched thin elastic film

Peter Bella


We study the transition from flat to wrinkled region in uniaxially stretched thin elastic film. We set up a model variational problem, and study energy of its ground state. Using known scaling bounds for the minimal energy, the minimal energy can be written as a minimum of the underlying (convex) relaxed problem plus a term, which grows linearly in the thickness of the film. We show that in the limit of vanishing thickness the prefactor in the scaling law for the original problem can be obtained by minimization of simpler {\it scalar} constrained variational problems.


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2015 Repository Open Access
Peter Bella

The transition between planar and wrinkled regions in a uniaxially stretched thin elastic film

In: Archive for rational mechanics and analysis, 216 (2015) 2, pp. 623-672