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A hierarchical extension scheme for solutions of the Wright–Fisher model

Julian Hofrichter, Tat Dat Tran and Jürgen Jost


We develop a global and hierarchical scheme for the forward Kolmogorov (Fokker-Planck) equation of the diffusion approximation of the Wright-Fisher model of population genetics. That model describes the random genetic drift of several alleles at the same locus in a population. The key of our scheme is to connect the solutions before and after the loss of an allele. Whereas in an approach via stochastic processes or partial differential equations, such a loss of an allele leads to a boundary singularity, from a biological or geometric perspective, this is a natural process that can be analyzed in detail. Our method depends on evolution equations for the moments of the process and a careful analysis of the boundary flux.

Wright-Fisher model, forward Kolmogorov equation, random genetic drift, hierarchical solution

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2016 Repository Open Access
Julian Hofrichter, Tat Dat Tran and Jürgen Jost

A hierarchical extension scheme for solutions of the Wright-Fisher model

In: Communications in mathematical sciences, 14 (2016) 4, pp. 1093-1110