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MiS Preprint

Heat kernel upper bounds for interacting particle systems

Yu Gu, Arianna Giunti and Jean-Christophe Mourrat


We show a diffusive upper bound on the transition probability of a tagged particle in the symmetric simple exclusion process. The proof relies on optimal spectral gap estimates for the dynamics in finite volume, which are of independent interest. We also show off-diagonal estimates of Carne-Varopoulos type.

MSC Codes:
82C22, 35B65, 60K35
heat kernel estimate, interacting particle systems, exclusion process

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2019 Repository Open Access
Arianna Giunti, Yu Gu and Jean-Christophe Mourrat

Heat kernel upper bounds for interacting particle systems

In: The annals of probability, 47 (2019) 2, pp. 1056-1095