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Spacetime Dependence of Local Temperature in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory

Michael Gransee


The spacetime dependence of the inverse temperature four-vector $\boldsymbol{\beta}$ for certain states of the quantized Klein-Gordon field on (parts of) Minkowski spacetime is discussed. These states fulfill a recently proposed version of the Kubo-Martin-Schwinger (KMS) boundary value condition, the so-called "local KMS (LKMS) condition". It turns out that, depending on the mass parameter $m\geq 0$, any such state can be extended either
(i) to a LKMS state on some forward or backward lightcone, with $\boldsymbol{\beta}$ depending linearily on spacetime, or
(ii) to a thermal equilibrium (KMS) state on all of Minkowski space with constant $\boldsymbol{\beta}$.

This parallels previously known results for local thermal equilibrium (LTE) states of the quantized Klein-Gordon field. Furthermore, in the case of a massless field our results point to a discrepancy with some classic results in general approaches to (non-quantum) relativistic thermodynamics.

MSC Codes:
81T28, 81T05, 82C10
local KMS condition, local equilibrium, thermal quantum field theory

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2016 Repository Open Access
Michael Gransee

Spacetime dependence of local temperature in relativistic quantum field theory