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From Typical Sequences to Typical Genotypes

Omri Tal, Tat Dat Tran and Jacobus Willem Portegies


We demonstrate an application of a core notion of information theory, that of typical sequences and their related properties, to analysis of population genetic data. Based on the asymptotic equipartition property (AEP) for non-stationary discretetime sources producing independent symbols, we introduce the concepts of typical genotypes and population entropy rate and cross-entropy rate. We analyze three perspectives on typical genotypes: a set perspective on the interplay of typical sets of genotypes from two populations, a geometric perspective on their structure in high dimensional space, and a statistical learning perspective on the prospects of constructing typical-set based classifiers. In particular, we show that such classifiers have a surprising resilience to noise originating from small population samples, and highlight the potential for further links between inference and communication.

typical sequences, typical genotypes, population entropy rate, Classification

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2017 Repository Open Access
Omri Tal, Tat Dat Tran and Jacobus W. Portegies

From typical sequences to typical genotypes

In: Journal of theoretical biology, 419 (2017), pp. 159-183